Download: [[GoogleAutoPager Gimite branch 0.8:http://gimite.ddo.jp/archive/user_js/googleautopager.user.js]]
NOTE: ''The version here no longer works'' due to HTML change of Google search result. Use [[AutoPagerize:http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/8551]] for Firefox and [[oAutoPagerize:http://d.hatena.ne.jp/os0x/20071202/oautopagerize]] for Opera, Safari and Chrome.

%%Download: [[GoogleAutoPager Gimite branch 0.8:http://gimite.ddo.jp/archive/user_js/googleautopager.user.js]]%%

When you scroll down Google search result, next page is automatically added to the bottom of current page.

Modified [[this:http://beerboy.org/article.php?id=146]] in the following way.
- Supporting Opera and Safari.
- Looks a little bit cooler.
- Enabled by default.
- Open target pages in a new window/tab.

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