English / [[Japanese:http://gimite.net/pukiwiki/]]

Welcome to ''namespace gimite''.

** Software / Service [#n9ffc56a]

- ''[[Tweet Search Stream:http://tweet-search-stream.gimite.net/]]''
-- Real time Twitter search
- ''[[Mega Reference:http://mega-reference.gimite.net/]]''
-- All-in-one programming reference (HTML, JavaScript, Ruby, etc.) with keyword search
- ''[[Sharpan:http://gimite.net/sharpan/]]''
-- Simple Web Whiteboard
- ''[[Devas]]''
-- Windows tool to search/replace texts

- ''Greasemonkey''
-- [[GoogleAutoPager]]
-- [[SearchTermHighlighter]]

- ''JavaScript libraries''
-- [[web-socket-js:http://github.com/gimite/web-socket-js]]: HTML5 Web Socket implementation powered by Flash

- ''Ruby libraries''
-- [[web-socket-ruby:http://github.com/gimite/web-socket-ruby]]: HTML5 Web Socket server/client implementation in Ruby
-- [[HotRuby Web Toolkit:http://github.com/gimite/hrwt/tree/master]]: Ruby VM on JavaScript (based on HotRuby) + RPC
-- [[Google Spreadsheet Ruby:http://gimite.net/gimite/rubymess/google-spreadsheet-ruby/]]: to read/write Google Spreadsheet
-- [[tx-ruby]]: Ruby binding of Tx, library for TRIE
-- [[Ruby/Graph:http://gimite.net/gimite/rubymess/graph/index.en.html]]: Graph theory library for Ruby
-- [[with_progress:http://gimite.net/gimite/rubymess/with_progress.rb]]: Showing progress bar for each-ish methods

- ''C++ libraries''
-- [[gimite/socket:http://gimite.net/gimite/cppmess/socket.en.html]]: TCP and UDP socket library including socket_stream
- ''[[AndroidIRC]]''
-- Minimal IRC client for Android
- ''[[UNIX small tools]]''
- ''[[Romanization → Hangul Converter:http://gimite.net/roman2hangul/]]''
-- Input Hangul with romanization

** Articles [#k40d7252]

- [[Run native executable in Android App]]
- [[Build Ruby/CDB in 64bit Linux]]
- [[lxml Cheat sheet]]

** Contact [#a0d4e3e4]

- [[Contact]]
- [[Twitter:http://twitter.com/gimite]]
- [[GitHub:http://github.com/gimite]]

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