- Package: [[AndroidIRC-0.1.apk:http://gimite.net/archive/AndroidIRC-0.1.apk]]
- Source code: [[AndroidIRC-0.1.zip:http://gimite.net/archive/AndroidIRC-0.1.zip]]
Minimal IRC Client for Android.

** Download [#d2adcd17]

- Package: [[AndroidIRC-0.2.apk:http://gimite.net/archive/AndroidIRC-0.2.apk]]
- Source code: [[AndroidIRC-0.2.zip:http://gimite.net/archive/AndroidIRC-0.2.zip]]

To install AndroidIRC to your Android emulator, run:
 adb install AndroidIRC-0.1.apk
 adb install AndroidIRC-0.2.apk

Source code is an Eclipse project.
Source code is an Eclipse ADT project.

** History [#s8f7c0e6]

- 0.2
-- Now it works with emulator in Android 1.0 SDK (and hopefully with real Android phone).
- 0.1
-- Initial version with old SDK.

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