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&ref(http://gimite.net/pukiwiki/image/gimite/devas_icon.png); Devas: a tool to search/replace texts


*Downloads [#rfb43182]

-''Ver.3.5 beta'': [[Devas35b-en.zip:http://gimite.net/archive/Devas35b-en.zip]]

*What's Devas [#mfbb2f78]

Devas is a text search (grep) and replace tool which supports: 


-searching and replacing terms in files in a folder at once 
-seeing contexts around the found term, and manually selecting which to replace 
-checking the context with a text editor 
-word search 
-regular expression search (Perl compatible, forward addressing in replacing term) 
-multiple encodings (ASCII, UTF-8, Unicode(UTF-16), Shift-JIS, EUC_JP, JIS) 
-automatic backup before replacing 

*History [#of4f5704]

--First release of English version

*Bug reports and feature requests [#kd97fd34]
- Commandline Option "-r" doesn't work in both En and Jp versions. -- [[MF]] &new{2008-12-14 (Sun) 15:24:34};
- Confirmed the issue. I'll look into it. -- [[Gimite]] &new{2008-12-15 (Mon) 11:08:36};


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